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For current students

学费 and 费用 for current international students

Find out how much it costs to attend tG反波胆首页 as a returning international student. Specific tuition and 费用 depend on your program and any additional costs.

Register for courses as a current international student 

As a returning international student, you get priority over domestic students for your course choices.

Learn how to get help from an advisor, figure out which courses you need, 建立一个时间表, change your program, 并注册.

Immigration: Study permits and visas

For current students, renew or restore your study permit and find out more about 移民. If you are an incoming international student, see Apply for study permits and visas.

Records and official letters

At any time before, during, or after your time at tG反波胆首页, you may need a letter from us. These letters confirm details from our records about you. You may need them for work, 旅行, further education, or other purposes.


As an international student, you can get paid work experience in 加拿大. You do not need a separate work permit if your study permit says you are allowed to work. There are other criteria depending on whether you are a full-time, part-time, or graduating student. You must also get a social insurance number and file an income tax return.

Get help while at tG反波胆首页

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, we can help you adjust to university life and living in 加拿大. We have resources, support, and ideas to guide you at tG反波胆首页 and in your life in the community.


Get involved in your community! Make new friends from your own and other cultures, 分享同伴支持, and explore the region around tG反波胆首页. We have lots of opportunities for you to enjoy yourself, enrich your university experience, and help others learn with you.

Recent messages for current international students 

Stay up to date on events, 登记, 移民, 旅行, and other information for current international students.