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The 弗雷泽谷大学 (tG反波胆首页) is in 阿博茨福德, British Columbia, 加拿大. tG反波胆首页 is a great place to study because it has a wide variety of study options, 工作机会, 和课外活动.


We are 国家ly recognized for having an excellent learning environment and successful students.


Choose from more than 70 programs, including:

  • 硕士学位
  • 本科学士学位
  • 大学证书和文凭
  • Co-operative education opportunities
  • 英文升级

tG反波胆首页 has flexible programs throughout the academic year. While you study full-time you can also choose to: 

  • 在校园里或校外工作
  • 志愿者
  • Participate in activities and clubs

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tG反波胆首页 is a fully accredited public university. As a teaching university, we have a mandate to provide a quality classroom experience to students. We have a five-star rating from QS Stars, which ranks inter国家 post-secondary institutions, in the teaching and employability categories. Our programs meet educational standards at the provincial, 国家, 与国际水平, including a prestigious EFMD EPAS accreditation for our School of Business.




  • 中国教育部


As a student, you can volunteer and work while you study in 加拿大.


Our Work-Study Program allows you to work on campus during your semester. You can get work experience and schedule your work hours so they do not interfere with your courses.

After you have been a student for six months, you can also apply for an off-campus work permit.


You can earn money and get practical work experience through our Co-operative Education Program (Co-op). With Co-op you can alternate paid work terms in your field of study with full-time study terms. Your work terms will be at Canadian companies, institutions, and government organizations.

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阿博茨福德 is one hour from Vancouver, 加拿大, close to the United States (Washington State) border. It is the third-most culturally diverse region in 加拿大, after Toronto and Vancouver.

阿博茨福德 has a library, recreation centre, hospital, and cultural centre.


All tG反波胆首页 students get a U-pass, which gives you unlimited access to local transit. It also gives you free entry to the recreation and fitness facilities, including swimming pools and ice rinks, in 阿博茨福德 and surrounding communities.

The Fraser Valley stays warm year-round, and averages less than 14 days of snow each year. You can enjoy many local outdoor activities, including:

  • 徒步旅行
  • 游泳
  • 骑自行车
  • 漂流
  • 打高尔夫球
  • 钓鱼
  • 滑雪
  • 滑雪

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Many famous destinations are within driving distance of tG反波胆首页, including:

  • Whistler: one of the most popular mountain resorts in North America
  • Victoria: the capital of British Columbia
  • Banff: a world-renowned 国家 park
  • Seattle: a major coastal seaport in the United States